DFU Business Accelerator Addon Plugin

The plugin is an addon to extend the DFU Business Accelerator WordPress theme to provide a lot of features required by businesses including

  1. Services
  2. Pricing plans
  3. Teams / Team members
  4. Portfolio
  5. Features
  6. Benefits.

It includes a lot of styling and colour options which can be initialise with a click of a button.

Addiotnal templates in plugin:

  1. Pricing plan template
  2. Accordion template
  3. Tabbed control template


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  • Features rich

    Include many built in features required by businesses including Services, Pricing plans, Teams & Team members, Portfolio, Features & benefits

  • Unlimited colour schema

    Generates a custom colour schema with a click of a button which you may choose to customise further easily

  • Plenty Of Styling Options

    Many colours and styling options with icons animations on hover or on load

  • Abundance of template choices

    Generous selection of templates including tab control and accordion styled templates.

  • Selectable sidebar templates

    Posts and pages templates includes left or right selectable sidebar options with width adjustments providing many possibilities

  • One click initialisation

    Initialise the theme / plugin with a click of a button

  • Icons support

    Icons are provided by font awesome 5

  • Section addition

    Easily add and re-order sections with styling options after main contents or between sections on homepage

  • Responsive Design

    Mobile friendly, responsive design based on bootstrap 4

  • Strong Testimonials Integration

    Integrates with Strong Testmonials with additional styling support

  • Data driven

    Easily enter each type of information from a single place and see information flow throughout the website


  • Time saving

    Most of the features required by your business has already been included

  • System built

    Not only a theme, it is a system to showcase your business

  • Cost effective

    Low cost highly extendable custom solution